How To Start A Cycling Club

If there is no cycling club in your community, then you can start a cycling club yourself. With the help of other cyclists and community members, you can create a wonderful place for cyclists. Here are some tips for starting a cycling club.

Rent a place

You should rent a small place where the members can meet regularly. Make sure that there is space for keeping the cycles nearby. You should buy some furniture and other things to make club meetings more comfortable.

Set up a website

You should give a name to your club and get permission from the local authorities, if needed, to operate the club in the locality. You should then set up a nice website so that people can learn about the club.

Set up rules

You should set up membership rules for the club. The club members must follow these rules strictly. In the membership form, you should mention the terms and conditions of the club.

Promote your club

You need to promote your club on social media. You can set up a social media page and ask people to sign up for the club. Make sure you mention the benefits of joining the club. You can print out brochures and leaflets too. You can advertise in the local magazine so that more people know about your club.

Develop a routine

You should set up a specific day and time for the riders to meet at the club. You should inform the riders about the riding route and duration of the ride every week as well.

Organize events

You should keep the members motivated by arranging events regularly. You can have competitions, charity rides, or even fun rides for the family members. Sometimes, you can have non-cycling events like a raffle draw.

You must inform your family members, friends, and colleagues about the club so that they can tell others as well. Your target will be to increase the number of members of the club.

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