Top 4 Cycling Events In the UK This Year

In many countries, cycling has become a very popular sport. In the UK, many people commute by cycle, and they enjoy cycling during their leisure time. That’s why you will notice a lot of cycling clubs and competitions in the UK. Here are some of the major cycling events in the UK this year.

Hampshire Hilly Hundred

This event takes place in Hampshire. It will take place in the beautiful South Downs National Park. The participants have to pass through three challenging climbs: Beacon Hill, Old Winchester Hill, and Buster Hill.

The elevation is quite high, and the race is very challenging. There will be fee stations at different points of the road. The number of spectators and the level of challenge makes this event s popular one.

The Cotswolds Classic

You will love the natural beauty of this place. The event is well organized by the medical and mechanical support team. The participants will get goodies too after the race. The route is full of feed stops. You can enjoy free event photography as well.

Ride London

The competition takes place in the heart of London and Essex. You will love the picturesque landscape of the route. It is a very competitive race as only several participants get selected from a huge number of applications.

Dartmoor Legend Ultra Sportive

It is a 200 miles race with 5,500 meters of elevation. So, unless you are extremely fit and courageous, you won’t be able to participate in this event. The riders have to overcome these challenges within a fixed time. Also, they need to maintain a particular average speed. The race takes place for almost the entire day.

If you want to participate in these competitions, then you have to book early. You can also be a spectator and enjoy these events along with a huge crowd and cheer for your favourite cyclist.

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